Our challenge

There was a need to connect people without vehicles who had specific needs such as transportation of people, heavy work and who do not have the necessary resources to buy them with those with vehicles, who do not have continuous use and represent losses for their owners due to maintenance due to inactivity.

Proposed solution

SCODS mobile application, which is the digital bridge to connect vehicle owners with end users, in this application the end user has the possibility of renting vehicles for as long as they need and the payment is made by days, in addition to this, the Users can search for the most appropriate vehicle to meet their needs using specific filters, online payment of the service and the possibility of chatting with the owner of the vehicle. On the other hand, vehicle owners can register the number of vehicles they own and earn additional money quickly, easily and safely.

Planning or execution

Using the agile Scrum methodology with daily monitoring meetings and weekly planning, the project begins by bringing together experts in UX / UI, PNG software development, and database and server administration. This allowed having the first version of the App in the first month of work, during the three months of work a more efficient feedback was obtained and of great help to project improvements and future phases.


Mobile application that allows the rental of vehicles in a fast, simple and safe way, having a variety of vehicles at hand in one place (Machinery, Automobiles, Trucks, Transport Vehicle), also offering the possibility of obtaining rental earnings of vehicles while they are not used by their owners.