The ideal multi-channel online sales platform for your business.

Through this software, customers can access the e-commerce of each establishment through a page and mobile app.


The entrepreneur or business owner benefits from features and functionalities so that their business expands to the next level.

  • Performance to the max: A platform designed with cutting edge technology.
  • Sales increase: Enable different payment methods for the convenience of your customers.
  • Automated order control: Manage, control and dispatch your customers’ orders.
  • Direct communication between client and business: Stay in quick and easy contact with your customer 24/7.

What does it solve?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy and 40% of establishments and formal businesses in the city of Barranquilla were affected by the cessation of their activities and the decrease in face-to-face sales.

This is why the Consigueloyapp initiative was born. Project executed and developed by PNG Technlogy Solutions, in company with the business development agency Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla. Seeking as a goal the digital conversion of local markets and independent sellers, providing sustainable and economical alternatives in an automated way.


Two months after the product was launched, it was well received by the entire sector, including entrepreneurs offering services or products.

  • More than 5,000 registered businesses.
  • 150 companies enabled accounts offering their services online.
  • 75% greater visibility to the local market.
  • Automation of your internal processes for buying and selling products.