App Bony

Our challenge

The need to improve manual sales processes that implied a late sale was evidenced, since sellers had to make transfers from the client’s location to the central office for the corresponding delivery of physical documentation of their clients, which resulted in dissatisfied customers from long waits.


BONY mobile application, which digitizes the sales flow of sellers of a distribution company of electrical appliances and devices for the home, with this application the seller can carry out the entire sales process, from customer registration, order assembly and Upload of necessary documentation so that the products can be dispatched to the end customers.

Planning and execution

Using the agile Scrum methodology with daily monitoring meetings and weekly planning, the project begins by bringing together experts in UX / UI, PNG software development, and database and server administration. This allowed having the first version of the App in the first month of work, during the three months of work a more efficient feedback was obtained and of great help to project improvements and future phases.


A mobile application that allows you to increase sales, obtain more satisfied customers for faster deliveries and incentivized sellers, since they will be able to obtain points according to the sales they make.