Biofood Service

Biofood is a solution for the management of school cafeterias that helps schools and parents to control and promote healthy habits in the nutrition of students and staff members, improves internal processes and reduces food waste.

Among its most outstanding functions is the identification of users using Digital Persona biometric readers, avoiding the use of cards and reducing stationery costs. Through a dashboard it controls the most relevant information of the system with statistics and graphs of consumption, sales, inventories, controlling the minimum stock, reports, delivery control, daily cash closing, food recipes, raw materials, shopping lists and food production.

  • Optimize the use of resources in your cafeteria:
    Control inventories, raw materials, recipes and production of lunches and food in general.
  • Online recharges using different means of payment:
    Eliminate the use of money in coffee shops, you can load your account using debit and credit cards.
  • Implement self-service points:
    Use our self-service points to streamline processes, save resources and improve the quality of service provided to students.
  • Nutritional Control:
    Manage nutritional tables by product, weights by age ranges and connect everything with the production of your food.


Biofood has self-service points that allow different functions to be carried out, such as control of contract lunch deliveries, direct purchase of products or services.

These self-service points can be installed anywhere in the school and come in two versions, 14 ”and 21”.