App Vendor Jamar

Our challenge

There is a need to make digital transformation in the sales process for mobility, agility and potability for sellers, reduce expenses related to logistics, use of computers and networks to carry out sales in different parts of the country or visits to towns and cities. neighboring sectors where there are no stores. In the same way, it seeks to strengthen other service providers in the medium term for new market and business possibilities.


The creation of a mobile App for Android and iOS is then proposed, promoted by Luis Enrique Castro, head of the technology area and with the support of the vice presidency, starting the Seller App project which manages to respond to the needs that are found today in stores and supported the strategic objectives of the company.

Planning and execution

Using agile methodologies such as Scrum with daily monitoring meetings and weekly planning, the project begins bringing together different expert providers in UX / UI, software development (PNG Technology Solutions in charge of the Front development of the App) and database administration and servers. This allowed to have a beta of the App in the first three months of work and to be able to carry out short cycles to be able to test and collect information on the use of sellers in stores, creating a more efficient feedback and of great help to project improvements and future phases .


Among the results that were obtained in the stores, the replacement of the traditional way in which the sales process was carried out, adding value with reports and functionalities that did not exist in other internal software, as well as having the ability to receive Push notifications stand out. with key information for sellers and follow up in almost real time, this being one of the most outstanding features of this project. It has been possible to transfer the management of the sales process by almost 70% only with the use of mobile devices connected to a Wi-Fi network with internet access, and the time spent on the sale has been improved by 15%. It is deployed in different stores showing a positive impact. Certainly we have faced resistance to change but it has been very helpful to learn from this process and to improve for future similar products and to train our salespeople in the use of new technologies.

Fabian Charris / Luis Enrique castro