The role of technology in times of pandemic


Written by:

Ronald Martínez Meza

Systems Engineer

It is no secret to anyone what we are going through these days because of the coronavirus, we have come to the point of modifying many habits trying to maintain the necessary precautions. Some of the changes that have had the most impact have been restrictions on the movement of people, cancellation of mass events to avoid crowds, virtual classes, off-the-shelf business meetings, work from home, social distancing between people, the use of mouth shutters in public places and other measures that have helped to reduce the rates of infection of this virus. Without a doubt, technology has played an important role in all of these changes mentioned above, the confinement helped the online shopping figures rise significantly. Online meeting platforms (e. g. Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc. ) increased their usage and download by 1,000%, this to support all kinds of business, educational, spiritual and other events.

The use of smart phones (smartphones) also increased their use, as they have supported us in various points, keeping us informed, shopping online, doing work, attending virtual classes, allowing us to be in touch with our loved ones in these difficult times and we cannot leave aside moments of entertainment with series, movies and social networks.

The proper use of technology will always be in our hands. It is important to learn to
identify between false information of what is not, take advantage of the benefits of working from home, but maintaining our level of professionalism and taking care of the balance with personal life, virtually approaching those far away while staying connected with those close to us. All this and much more will be our commitment. If we look at it from this perspective, technology, along with the health sector, have been the two main protagonists in this pandemic, one saving lives and fighting against this virus (health sector), the other delivering communication alternatives and methods to keep the economy on a global scale.

So far, no one is clear what will happen after all this happens with God’s help, but what is clear is that this pandemic has taught us to be more united with those we love most, not to be afraid to perform virtual procedures by means of a computer or a Smartphone, to have faith intact and dream of a more fruitful tomorrow, we must understand that This is one more challenge and we will overcome it with the appropriate measures.

Thank you for your attention and let’s stay strong that the best is yet to come.

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